I enjoy leading workshops, packed full of useful tips and practical information, that enable participants to improve their skills, solve problems, and express themselves more effectively. All classes serve beginners and intermediate level experience. These fun, hands-on workshops have been held at guild meetings, conferences, studios, and private gatherings. I am also available for private instruction.

Photography for Makers, Artists and Craftspeople
Together, we will explore ways to improve photographic imagery and documentation of your creative processes and finished work. Using any camera, this hands-on workshop explores lighting, composition, and camera operation. Please bring your favorite cameras (including cell phones and other portable electronics), operational manuals, and some of your handmade items to photograph. We will create beautiful images that will help you generate interest in your handmade creations and creative processes.
(4 hours)

ShawlsKnitting Shawls of Many Shapes
Find a shape that fits your knitting style and flatters your silhouette. Participants will explore the various ways knitted shawls are constructed. We will explore yardage requirements, fiber options, adding beads and more. Sample shawls made from popular patterns will be available to try.
(2 hours)

Knit Fix 
Learn about knitting architecture and reading our own knitting to fix and avoid mistakes. Participants will discuss the way we seat our stitches and options for decreasing and increasing. Sample “problem swatches” are provided for practice, and students may bring their own problem projects.
(2 hours)

Tie-Dye Party
Learn the fundamentals of dyeing cotton garments in a fun and supportive environment. These parties are about having fun while we work and explore the intuitive and often unpredictable nature of Tie-Dye. I bring everything needed to dye a very large amount of cotton items. Participants bring their own items to dye. (3 hours)

Sewing Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals of sewing and transform your projects from “home sewn” to “haute couture.” We will work together on projects and develop techniques for fitting, cutting, and sewing. Good sewing room habits for machine and hand sewing are covered.
(Six 4 hour classes)

Quick and Easy Warping for Rigid Heddle Weavers
Warping these simple looms can be as quick, easy, and fun as the weaving itself. In this short workshop, Rigid Heddle weavers will learn peg warping, the “quick and dirty” way to get your project started. Let’s start weaving!
(1 hour)

Hi Sara!!
I am so pleased to tell you that your help and insight have really helped my photography a lot! With all your tips in mind I did a photo shoot today with two new scarves that I just finished yesterday.  The sun was cooperating (for a change!) and I feel like I got a LOT more good shots than I usually do!   I took the usual 50 apiece, but the number of shots that turned out were considerably more!
Thank you-thank you- thank you!  for taking the extra time and effort to show me your techniques and give me such personal help.  I am so very appreciative!!
Take care,
The Blind Squirrel’s Fiber and Felt

Hi, Sara

Thanks so much for the fun photography workshop this week.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a lot too.



Really great job with the program yesterday.    It was very valuable information.   Even though I personally am not trying to market any projects, I gained a great deal of general photography knowledge.    Stuff I can certainly use to improve my photos.   I overheard several people mentioning what a great program.


Thank you!   Thank you! Thanks Again,



Your presentation was great. Will get on Facebook! Thanks for your ideas. Carolyn Hoedl